Cappers Connection is a site where quality handicappers that don't want the expense nor have the time to maintain there own sites but still need a place to showcase their skills in order to sell their picks. Here they just simply sign in each day and list their selections. All transactions are processed by Cappers Connection so no need for any integration setups or complicated coding to figure out as with many third party credit card processing companies. We take a small percent of each transaction which is well worth it for the convenience we provide.

      As for our visitors, we provide the ease of purchasing from one single account which allows access to any of our handicappers listed on the site. No need to sign into several handicapper sites just to see all the picks your purchased, here you sign in once and all your paid plays from all our handicappers display right their on one page. We also provide statistical breakdowns on all our handicappers for each sport so its very simple to compare which handicapper is hot in each sport and at which type of wager. We cover all 4 major sports, both pro and college, along with WNBA, CFL, USFL, MMA/UFC, Soccer, Boxing and Nascar. For full details check our terms and conditions for both handicappers and members.

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