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  AllSports Picks
AllSports Picks has been a well-established sports handicapper service for over 16 years. Combined, our handicappers have over 40 years experience in football baseball hockey and basketball, understanding the point spreads and beating those clever odds makers. We feel consistency is the name of the game and we ... more

  Best Sports Picks
Sports wagering has no place for the part time sports handicapper. To be a successful at handicapping college and nfl picks attention to detail on a daily basis is essential before making your football picks and basketball picks. You may pick up a newspaper in the morning and ... more

  Billy Ho
Billy Ho is from the Western World and very smart with computers and numbers.  Invest long term with Billy Ho and increase your bankroll significantly!  ... more

  Goal Line Sports
Here at Goal Line Sports Club we pride ourselves in making smart bets. We are a small group of handicappers that all have years of experience and combine our thoughts and individual systems to come up with a list of plays each day we all feel comfortable playing. ... more

  Kill The Spread
I have been handicapping sports for over 25 years. I'm also a part-time poker player. I am always straight and honest. With me you will not get spammed by everyone and their brother looking to make a quick sale. Spouting they just went 20-0?? Really? Or we have ... more

  Mario Lombardi
Mario Lombardi has over 12 years of sports handicapping experience in both pro and college sports. he has had the pleasure of working with several successful handicappers over the years before venturing out on his own. We are very glad to have him on our staff of consultants. ... more

  Mikey Balhan Sports
Ever since I was a little boy collecting baseball cards I have been into sports stats. My keys to winning have been Discipline Patience and Money Management. I believe in Quality over Quantity when selecting a play. You will not see a lot of selections from me per ... more

  Sharp Bet Insights
Self-made entrepreneur, I have forged my path in the world of sports betting, crafting and perfecting an innovative Underdog model that has propelled me to success! Access our top-performing Underdog Model for insightful betting predictions. Access new, cutting-edge models created daily to enhance your betting strategy and stay ahead of ... more

  The Pounders
The Pounders is a sports service that has made clients major money over the years.  The Pounders hit 26 picks in a row back in 2022!  Usually don't release a lot of plays but when the Pounders does make a release you know you can POUND IT!   ... more

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